2MI Software Solutions

We design and build user-friendly web, desktop, mobile and database applications to your exact specifications. Our applications are:

  • Well Documented for Easy, Ongoing Use by our Customers
  • Built Using Best Practices & Accepted Industry Standards
  • Supported by Us here in America

We build custom applications to fit any budget and meet every goal.  In fact, for the past number of years, we have been working and partnering with companies and organizations of all types and sizes both locally and nationally.




Custom Web Programming


We are a full-service web and technical custom programming company. We develop full lifecycle web based applications and web sites, utilizing Microsoft technologies (C#.Net, ASP.Net, VB.Net, SQL Server), WordPress technologies, PHP and MySQL.

Migrating Custom Desktop Programming to Cloud Services

Windows Desktop applications haven’t died yet.  However, even though we still have clients that are looking for desktop applications, many more clients ask about moving to the cloud. We create custom, rich application desktop programming for Windows. But, we can also convert your windows application into a web based application that provides the efficiencies of today’s cloud technologies.

Mobile and Web Mobile Development

Our mobile and web mobile application development services includes business software and solutions for the iOS phone and tablet, Android phone and tablet, and windows mobile. We can also port your web application to a mobile platform.


Custom Reporting & System Integration

Do you struggle to get information out of older applications?  Do you need database content to be moved into a newer version or into a whole new application?  2MI Software can help with custom reporting and on-demand integration.

Web Hosting


We can provide web hosting for our clients on our Consulting Web Server. We can provide the space for your website for a very reasonable rate.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)


We can help you with your SEO, words and keywords. If you have taken care of your SEO, words and keywords already, we can show you enhancements resulting in a better web presence.





In plain English, we help you to help us understand:

  1. What are your business challenges?
  2. What are your business goals?
  3. How can technology help?


We design an appropriate solution for your project including:

  1. Functionality
  2. Technical and System Architecture
  3. A Training & Test Plan


This is our “secret sauce”.  During this stage, we are involved in:

  1. Coding
  2. Testing
  3. Documenting your project.


We will not just hand your project over and wish you good luck.Our reputation & your potential recommendation are at stake. So we will:

  1. Install & configure to integrate with your current systems
  2. Provide user training and support training
  3. Provide a post implementation review

About Us

2MI Software Solutions has been in the forefront of the web-enablement industry since 2008.  Sure we are a team of talented professionals with years of successful experience in technology and innovation.  But more than that, we are a team that is curious…curious about your business.   We are truly interested in and fascinated by your unique business goals and your business challenges.  Even more important than our ABILITY to help you is our DESIRE to help you by uncovering how technology might actually ENHANCE your unique business.

We serve business in the following industry verticals






Dental Healthcare




Animal Healthcare



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